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Affordable Legal Services can serve any legal document any where in the United States! All of Affordable Legal Services process servers are individually registered and bonded with the experience needed to complete your service of process in a timely, professional manner. Routine services will be attempted every two to three days until the documents are served, the date has run, or your office cancels the assignment. Rush assignments will be attempted within 24 hours with at least one attempt per day until completed, and Same Day services will be attempted the same day, also with one attempt per day. Status can be given on any of your service of process assignments by calling our office.
Affordable Legal Services makes it simple for those who are looking to file documents last minute in California. Email a PDF copy of the documents you are filing and specify in your email any special instructions, as well as the court it is being filed at. It’s that easy!

For orders, or other documents that require a Judge’s signature, our court runners will obtain a received stamped copy from the clerk at the time of submission, showing when the document was received for filing, and by whom. They will also leave one of our unique Court Drop-off Sheets with the documents to avoid any problems in getting the document back to our office.
If you simply want to obtain documents from a court file, send us an email with the case information (i.e. case number, case name, etc.) and specify which documents you would like a copy of. If the court requires that we submit a request for copies we will submit the request, and continue to check on the request until completed.
Affordable Legal Services is able to provide you the service of writs of attachment, writs of execution and Earnings Withholding orders under the Enforcement of Judgments Act of 1983. Our staff has many years of experience in the service of writs. We will open the levy with the Sheriff, serve all required levy documents for process, and file the proof of service with the designated Sheriff to comply with the Civil Code of Procedures.
Commencing January 14, 2013, electronically filed documents subject to the mandatory electronic filing requirements in civil limited, unlimited, and complex actions can be filed until midnight on the day that the filing is due, and will be considered timely pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure section 1010.6 subdivision (d)(1)(D). We will advance your court filing fees. Contact us for more details.
By choosing Affordable Legal Services to handle your county recorder jobs, your wait time will be 75% shorter, and you can avoid the hassle of mailing it and waiting for up to 6 weeks to get it back. We can complete the entire process is as little as 1 day, and any necessary recording fee’s will be advanced as requested.
Affordable Legal Services offers complete photocopy services to the legal community throughout California, and Nationwide. We can assist you in obtaining records and documents from many locations including medical offices, hospitals, attorney’s offices and more.
Affordable Legal Services is a proud member of the National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS), as well as the California Association of Process Servers (CALSPRO). As such, we have an extensive affiliate network that covers all 50 states and most of Canada. If you need a court, service of process, recorder, or any other legal assignment completed in another state, we can easily handle it through one of our affiliates, or we will refer you to a local specialist who has the necessary knowledge and experience to handle your request.
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NAPPS is a Worldwide Organization of professional process servers that operate with high ethical standards, which brings together the most outstanding individuals in the industry.

CALSPRO is an organization made up of over 350 individuals and companies that provide legal support services to the state of California.